The lightest, most reliable and best performing amphibian aircraft in their category.

Super Petrel Technical Data
 Rotax 882 65HP  Rotax 912 80 HP
Cruise Speed (Km/h) 135 155
Max. Speed (Km/h) 160 170
V.NE. (Km/h) 180 180
Stall Speed (Km/h) 53 56
Climb Ratio (ft/min) 650 850
Glide Ratio 10:1 10:1
Service Ceilling (ft) 10.000 10.000
Take Off (ground/water) (m) 100/150 80/140
Landing (ground/water) (m) 120/100 120/100
Fuel Capacity/auxiliary tanks (L) 40/90 40/90
Endurance/auxiliary tanks (hours) 2:00/5:30 2:30/6:00
Empty Weight (kg) 270 295
Useful Load (kg) 230 230
Gross Weigt (kg) 500 525
Load Factor (G)
4/ -2 4/ -2
Lenght (m) 5,97 5,97
Height (m) 2,26 2,26
Wing Span (m) 8,9 8,9
Wing Surface (m≤) 15 15
Seats 2 2
Landing Gear Trigear/Retractable Trigear/Retractable

Super Petrel is an amphibian ultralight, strong, light and safe having the best performance in its category. Besides being beautiful and elegant, it shows incomparable flight quality, providing docile and precise maneuvering in all speed ranges and curves. This is an excellent option for those who want the pleasure to fly with safety and at low costs.

On water, Super Petrel provides safe operation, and is strong to absorb impacts from wavy waters and some wastes on water surface. The hull and fuselage shapes were optimized, with more frontal surface. The lower wing works as water sprays deflectors, preserving the propeller integrity.

Operational Advantages:

Being aircraft easy to handle both in Land and Water operations, many of our customers were led to switch from their older ultralights to Paturi. Thatís why theyíre also preferred by those looking forward to having their first aircraft. Itís capable of land and water take off and landing operations in short distances.

Safety: The maintenance program and the EDRA-provided practical and theoretical training for pilots added to the high quality construction of all aircraft made by us contribute to keep a very impressive safety record unchanged.

Low Operation Costs: Regarding performance, PATURI aircraft very much resemble the small single engine light aircraft, but when coming to operation costs Paturiís are lower as experimental aircraft offering an advantageous cost/benefit relationship.

Comfort: Most ultralights have little space to spare, and are hardly comfortable. Super Petrel aircraft are provided with larger cockpits and a nice interior that can be closed. Two people can be accommodated comfortably and carry two hand bags or approximately 100 lbs of load.

Excellent Range: With the auxiliary fuel tank, the Petrel can reach 850 Km Range. Ideal aircraft both for leisure and business travels.

Performance: With a speed cruise from 140 km/h and 160 km/h (depending on the motor power). Super Petrel can surpass the expected speed for the aircraft category. The control surfaces are balanced and shaped to bring safety and efficiency, for maneuvering at all speed ranges.

Super Petrel may be sold in two ways:
As a Kit: It includes all materials and instructions so that an amateur builder can assemble the aircraft. Customer will buy the engine and accessories when it best suits him rather than spending money at one time. And he can have the pleasure to fly the aircraft built by himself !
Ready to fly: The aircraft are ordered by the customer, who will choose the accessories, engine and painting.

Pow options for Super Petrel are:
Rotax 582, 2 stroke, 65 hp;
Rotax 912, 4 stroke, 80 hp;

Propeller options are:
Arplast Ground adjustable pitch GWAP 175;
Arplast Ecoprop

Super Petrel is a development from Petrelís earlier design, after many important changes and improvements were done. The more significant improvements are described below:

Ergometric Solutions: Lowering of 70 mm on the rudder pedals, making the legs positioning more comfortable. The instrument panel was repositioned near to the occupants, for easy access and viewing.

Functional Solutions: Rudder cable passing under the floor with no interference, and cleaning the cockpit aesthetically.
Double cable for the nose gear, and pulley and cables for the main landing gear, providing less strength and more precision to retract it;
New wheels and brakes system, beautiful, efficient, silent and easy maintenance;
Structural modification, eliminating the central beam, where could be installed a luggage receptacle, for about 100 liters. The structural triangle added has the upper edge ready to install the Ballistic Parachute.
Wings secured by bolts, nuts and safety locks, providing more resistance to wear and play.

Motor Power Solutions: Engine installed upside down in a semi-dynafocal mount, smooth and free of vibration. The lifetime of the engine and the structure is improved.
Electric and manual engine start, for emergencies.

Aerodynamic Solutions: Engine and traction line lowered, make the aircraft more aerodynamically clean, and reducing the nose down momentum, providing less horizontal stabilizer incidence. It reduces the drag, and provides better efficiency in take offs, landings and cruise besides reducing fuel consumption.

Twisted wings (washout), providing smooth and non tending stall.
Rigid Leading Edges, providing the profile stabilization when high loads are applied.
Removable pontoons, under the wings, providing best airflow under the wings.
Winglets on the wing tip, providing lower induced drag and better lift, aspect ratio and directional stability.

New ailerons with new hinge system and kinematics. New cable and rod system makes easier and precise the travel and control. The central bellcranck was moved to the aft pylon wall, leaving space (about 35 lts), ideal for some luggage, ballistic parachute or more fuel.

To improve the tail assembly strenght, the tailboom is now bolted and bonded.

All these solutions turned Super Petrel into an excellent alternative for those who want the pleasure to fly, and do so with safety and at low costs.


:::::::: Customer Statement.

"Dear Mr. Scoda ,
The kitset arrived here yesterday morning. The whole
freight operation went smoothly with no significant delays or problems,
and the thorough packing job done at your end paid off with no damage to
any parts at all.
I was /very /pleasantly surprised as I began unloading the container. I
had read the Paturi manual, and was expecting to spend several months
fibreglassing parts together (eg fuselage bulkheads, chine join, wing
leading edges, ailerons  etc.) but all that is done!  The aircraft is
virtually finished except for covering, painting and final assembly! 
All of the really critical work which affects wing geometry, like
positioning of wing attachments and the fitting of struts, you have done
for me.
You have supplied a much more complete set of equipment than I was
expecting, including:
(a) full engine installation kit (incl. rubber mounts, throttle & choke
systems, radiator mounts, elec. fuel pump, fuel filter & fittings)- I
had ordered, I thought, a only bare engine mount.
(b) instruments & electrical components- I wasnt expecting these either,
I thought that you only supplied these with a fully built plane.
There are many design details which I am very pleased to see. I especially like the twin aileron teleflex cables, having experienced an aileron failure in flight on a microlight, due to the failure of a teleflex cable - the guide tube on one end
became detached from its base, preventing any "push" action. Also the composite skins on the ailerons- I have seen the plywood ones twisted slightly from
warping. There are really quite a large number of differences from the
original Petrel, some major, as of course you would know, so I will
restrain myself and not continue here, other than to say that I am very
pleased indeed with the considerable development work that has obviously
been done on the plane.
Quality of construction: Overall good. As I was unpacking parts, some
stood out - The leading edge skins on the top wing are really
beautifully made, with the many carefully placed pieces of foam core
stiffening between the ribs, while keeping the skin thin over the ribs
themselves. Its almost a pity to cover it up.  The fuselage  is very
free of any waviness, even over bulkheads,  with a good gelcoat, and all
the internal work has been tidily finished, either with peel ply or
sanding.  The light weight of the tailboom/rudder assembly is a credit
to both the designer and builders.  The many metal fittings show top
workmanship- a lot of them look as if they have been cut on a C.N.C.
machine, with very accurate profiles and hole placement. I had wondered
how the main lift struts were connected to the tubular spar in the top
wing, and the answer was not disappointing!
So you can see then that I am very pleased. You have given me a much
better deal than I was expecting.
I hope the Super Petrel proves to be commercially successful for your
firm. It certainly deserves to be, I am more convinced than ever that it
is the best microlight amphibian currently available, except possibly
for the Paturi if one requires the higher payload.
Kind regards,
David Knaggs"

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