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BLOIS 1997 - Amphybian Ultralights

In the European ultralight world, few amphybian versions exist. A good occasion to welcome a new one.

DAZ - The Termerair

For more than a decade, Robert Bastard is known for his development and manufacturing of full-floats, used on a variety of planes and ultralights worldwide. Number of professionnals use them, as well as a few very serious customers such as Brazil's Police, French Army and Chinese Army.

The design and manufacturing of floats and hydro-ultralights asks for a very good understanding of the various environmental contraints applying to them. Presently, most of the world's production concentrate on fresh water floats. These same floats, usually empty inside, are rapidly degraded if used intensively in salty waters, on the sea.

Robert hence concentrates on the sea versions of these products, and developped a whole range of full floats - therefore absolutely unsubmersible, increasing the security in amphybian use, and duly patented. Strong to the point that a very strong hit with a hammer will barely damage the paint. Versions exist for all kinds of trikes and multiaxis, with hydro and amphybian versions.

Looking at the lack of maritime ultralights on one hand, and at the permanent increasing demand on the other side, he this time decided to design and manufature a safe and performant leisure ultralight. The Termerair is born from the cooperation of D.AZ for the hull and cockpit, and ULM Technologie for the flying parts.

This ultralight is a multiaxis with a full and unsubmersible central float, certified for both FAI and French ultralight classifications. The side floats are of course full and unsubmersible as well.

The cockpit is wide (1.15 m), allowing easy access and good confort for two strong passengers. The retractable landing gear is manually operated, and the instrument pannel is water-proof, which ensures excellent reliability.

On the production models, wings are folded within 5 minutes by one person alone. The wings and tail, developped by ULM Technologie, allow for interesting performances. As an example, the cruising speed in flight lets a Maestro without floats far behind.

Presently offered motors are Rotax 503, 582 or 912, the best compromise seeming to be the 582. The ultralight can be used up to as sidewind of 30 km/h. With a 582, the ready-to-fly empty weight is 235 kg, with a 450 kg MTOW. Pilot and passenger weights has to be comprised between 45 and 190 kg.

Other caracteristics, at maximal load with a Rotax 582: glide ratio 9, stall speed 52 km/h, climb rate 3,5 m/s (4,5 with a 912), cruise speed 125 km/h, economical cruise speed 105 km/h, Vne 165 km/h. Load factors +4 -2, ultimate load factors +6 -3.

A 40 l tank is standard, with an optional additional 25 l tank. One of the advantages of the hull is to provide, in its aft part, a large space for luggages. Price with a Rotax 582: FRF 192'000 including VAT.

D.AZ, Rte. de Pégomas, F-06130 Grasse. Phone: +33 4 93 09 25 85 fax +33 4 93 40 47 51
ULM Technologie, Aérodrome de Valencienne, F-59121 Prouvy. Phone/fax: +33 3 27 45 53 53

Cosmos - On floats

This is not really new, but is seems useful to remember that Cosmos offers an hydro version for its Phase II models.

These are hollow floats, with 3 compartments and access to empty them, and replace the main wheels. This option ensures handling on water without any problem, what may not be the case with floats from other brands.

For a 44 kg increase in weight, and sold for FRF 49'667 VAT inclusive, this is an interesting option for water lovers.

Cosmos, Rue du Stade 1, F-21121 Fontaine Les Dijon, phone: +33 3 80 57 47 47 fax +33 3 80 57 47 50

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