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 • Wingspan Gannet S100 


 • Length 


 • Wing surface Gannet S100

12 m2.

 • Empty weight

270 Kg.

 • Take off weight

450 Kg.

 • Load factor

+6g –4g.


 • Stall

65 Km/h

 • Cruise speed Gannet S100

180 Km/h

 • VNE Gannet S100

260 Km/h

 • Climb rate Gannet S100

5 m/s

 • Max. L/D Gannet S100


 • Min. sink rate Gannet S100

1,5 m/s

 • Take off/landing run Gannet S100

140 m

 • Range

1500 Km


The Gannet is the new ULM Hydroplane from COLYAER , S.L. made for enjoying in the air and above the water at the same time.
It is a two seats side by side with a large cockpit ( 1.10 m width ) and an exceptional
visibility. The canopy includes an elastic gasket that makes the cockpit save from rain and waves.
There is a large place for baggage in the back of the seats. The Rotax engine is integrated into the fuselage and permits 60 hp to 100 hp.
With the carefully design and idealness of the hydrofuselage the takeoff and landing distances we obtain are really incredible, between 100 and 200 metres.
The generous V-shaped hull allows the using of the aircraft with waves up to 30 cm high, as well the high location of the wings avoids the crashing of the waves on it`s during the takeoff and the landing.
The T-shaped Tail is also far enough from the ground to avoid the contact with waves.
The side floats were designed for the lowest aerodynamic resistance and the highest features of floatability.
The design and size of the wing gets a glied coefficient of 20:1 allowing termical flights with the engine out.
The flaps operate from – 5Ί on cruising flights to + 50Ί for short landings.
With this aircraft you will experience a high security flying through a large surface of water independently from the height of the flight.
The GANNET is totally manufactured with composite materials ( FV, Cb, Aramida, Epoxi, …) which are completely corrosion free. Mechanical parts and screws are made of stainless steel A4 ( AISI 316 ) and anodized aluminium. This guarantees low cost of maintenance.
The range is 1.500 km. GANNET, the ideal aircraft for coast observation, surface photography, free time, school, …enjoying the security and features of an aircraft from latest generation.