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Aventura ll - Product Details

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Product Upgrades
BRS 1200 VLS Parachute $3,295
Kevlar Hull Upgrade $1,068
Electric Start (582) $660
Cabin Doors $540
Cabin Windows $144
Nickel-Plated Landing Gear
Fiberglass Wing Tips
18 Gallon Fuel Tank $168
Luggage Deck $360
Front Deck Hatch $360
Engine Cowling (912 only) $880
Poly-Fiber Covering kit
Prop Spinner $240
Map Pockets
Sunburst Fabric Pattern $540
Shoulder Harnesses
Oil Cooler
Additional Colors
Additional Stripes
3 blade IVO propellar $880
The Aventura II is a 2 seat, experimental category amphibious aircraft, that the average person can build (really!) in about 225 hours for the basic model. Different options and some engines will add to the build time. General specifications and options for the model are shown below, with links to performance information for specific engines.

  Aventura II Airframe Kit: $19,995

Product Performance
Empty Weight 650-750 lbs
Max Gross 1232 lbs
Cruise Speed 75 mph
Never Exceed (Vne) 95 mph
Stall Dirty (Vso) 36 mph
Stall Clean (Vsi) 39 mph
Rate of Climb 500-1100+ ft/min
Take-off (Land/Water) 150-250 ft
Endurance 2.5-5 hr
Ceiling 13,000 ft
Wing Area 161.7 Sq. Ft.
Length 23 ft
Height 7 ft
Wing Span 30 ft. 8in.
Av. Construction Time 250 Hours

Performance figures very according to aircraft options, configuration, gross weight and other than standard day conditions.

Engine Options
Rotax 582 (65 hp): $4960
Rotax 912 (80 hp) $9799
Rotax 912 ULS (100hp) $10,980
Standard Exhaust $609
Exhaust Upgrade(stainless steel) $1099

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