Technical data
Wingspan 8,750 mm
Wing area 12,24 m2
Aspect ratio 6.24
Length 5,682 mm
Empty weight 300 kgf
Max. take-off weight 520 kgf
Load factor + 5Gs ; - 3Gs
Max fuel capacity 96 litros
Cabin widht 1,190 mm
Engine (ROTAX) 912 (80 hp) 912S (100 hp)
Propeller warp -drivetripá 068" idem
Stall speed flaps up 41 mph 41 mph
Stall speed with flaps down 36 mph 36 mph
Cruising speed 108 mph 120 mph
Max. cruis 115 mph 130 mph
VNE 160 mph 160 mph
Rate of climb 800 fpm 1000 fpm
Take-off distance (land) 100 m 85 m
Landing distance (land) 80 m 80 m
Take-off distance (water) 150 m 100 m
Landing distance (water) 100 m 100m
Endurance (with 45 min of reserve) 5 horas 4,5 horas
Note: some modifications can be made to the aircraft to meet different country requirements

Items included in the basic kit
One piece hull made of glass fibre/Kevlar/carbon/epoxy
Aluminium/glass fibre wing covered with polyester/butyrate
Aluminium/glass fibre freeze type differential ailerons covered with polyester/butyrate
Slotted flaps covered with polyester/butyrate
Glass fibre/carbon rudder
Glass fibre/carbon stabilator with antiservo and static balancing
White paint finishing with polyurethane base
Cushioned adjustable seats
Electrical retractable landing gear
Green tinted canopy 
Cabin ventilation
Interior finishing
Pilot throttle lever
Five positions electrical actuated flaps with negative deflection
Manual elevator trim
Hydraulic differential wheel brakes, pilot side
Four position safety belts
Two wing fuel tanks (45 litres each)
Kevlar reinforced fuel tanks
Fuselage collector fuel tank (six litres)
Visual fuel quantity indicators
Retractable water rudder
Lead ballast for single pilot flight
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